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Executive Education Certificate  Programs

“A leader is someone who knows what to do when the script suddenly changes.”

Umair Haque, HBR, 2016


For the past three decades, the acronym VUCA has been used to describe our multilateral world, indicating a context that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.


While organizations seek to leap into the future, there are many opposite forces, internally and externally, that resist the necessary change.


These conditions create many challenges in everyday work activities, decision-making, and people management, raising the following questions:


  • How can we prepare for a future we cannot predict and control?

  • How can we perform better in unstable conditions?

  • How can we steer organizations toward adaptability?

  • What kind of leadership will be successful?


Fearless Experiential Learning (Switzerland, Global, Online)

The Taylor Institute at Franklin University Switzerland has created 2 special programs that will answer all these questions. Check them out!




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