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Faculty Profiles

Niels Rot

Course taught at FUS: Capstone Learning ePortfolio

Bachelor in Economics - University of St. Gallen University of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Master in Economics - University of St. Gallen University of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Niels Rot


Climate KIC – Scaling of Strategic Programs

Facilitation & Moderation, Teaching, Learning Design, Consulting, Speaking


Economist-turned-entrepreneur-and-intrapreneur. Using the power of innovation, entrepreneurship and communities in a #LearnTech venture for the greater good.

A background in business and economics, Niels’ curiosity took him through multiple countries and professions before finding his passion in (social) entrepreneurship and in Switzerland. After studies at the University of St. Gallen and leadership roles at the student organization oikos, he co-founded Impact Hub Zürich, Switzerland’s premier innovation and entrepreneurship community. 

Throughout his years with Impact Hub, Niels became known as innovator, as “Mr. Community”, and became a sought-after speaker and facilitator. With Impact Hub Zürich growing from start-up to SME, Niels set out on his next mission: changing education to create a learning world that works for all through his next startup STRIDE. 

After becoming a father, he started working part-time to share responsibilities equally at home as well as at work. After two years at the strategic development team at ETH in a job-sharing capacity (50%) working on foresight and strategy, Niels transitioned to Climate-KIC to help scale the impact of its strategic programs. Since early 2021, and with his kids getting older and more independent, Niels is working on a new startup in the #LearnTech field.

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