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Future of Work

Imagine 40 lifelong learners that meet to spend two hours together and share their experiences on current themes that impact their businesses and organizations. This kind of collaboration is the vision of the cycle of exclusive events called "The Future of Work," which will be held at Franklin University Switzerland. The scope of these events is to build a community that enjoys sharing stimulating questions and innovative solutions. There will not be many opportunities to stay seated, but instead, ways to get to know each other, confront each other, and go into detail on themes such as new technological trends, constant change in the work environment and the mutable geopolitical equilibrium.


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Recent Events

What makes information “reliable” and what does it mean for you?

Wednesday June 10 at 4.30-6PM

Google’s mission is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” While they do a pretty good job at that, we are left with discerning what reliable and less reliable information we can use.


Did you know that Google, YouTube and Facebook massively use Wikidata and Wikimedia projects as their source of information? How does Wikidata work? Why could it be important for you and your organization?

During this webinar, meet the Swiss Wikimedia Chapter and a representative from the Wikimedia Foundation Research Team and learn what is behind the 8th most visited website globally (Wikipedia). Wikidata, Wikimedia, Wikipedia etc.…a whole new global information infrastructure, working with a whole new global governance system.


Here the link to the video of the session:


"The 50 Shades of Digital Transformation"

Future of Work with Deloitte, December 13, 2019


After becoming the business mantra of the last and next 10 years, Digital Transformation has been taking place in different forms, different places and certainly with different degrees of success. During this evening we learned about powerful and colorful stories of Digital Transformation in organizations from the ones who have been on the front. We learned from the best and with the best. Thanks to the great support of Deloitte and the Living Lab Lugano, we learned with the contribution of top executives from renowned organizations and corporations.



"AI and People Analytics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

October 10, 2019


What happens when you apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to data related to people working in organizations? Incredible new insights can emerge that can boost performance in the areas of retention, productivity, and recruitment. At the same time, the majority of organizations are yet to get started. How do we like it, as humans, to have clever robots to tell a story about us? Are we concerned with ethics, privacy, our own insecurity, accuracy or what else? After having three experts to start the conversation, we engaged in a deeper dialogue to explore what we know, what we fear and what we hope for.



"Shaping Our Personal Identity in the Digitalization Era - Open Space with Four Discussion Topics"

June 25, 2019


We want to explore together how we are dealing with our whole self, be it how we show up at work, at home or on social media.



"Success and Personal Purpose: What Path Are You Following? A Fishbowl Discussion"

May 21, 2019


With the same learning spirit of all our Future of Work events, we explored the intersection of success and purpose in our lives. How do we define success? What made us successful so far? How is such success aligning with what matters to us, with our personal purpose? We listened to different and inspiring stories about personal success and purpose of great men and women, among them Mauro Massoni, Italian Ambassador in Kenya until last Fall 2018 and today our new Italian Console in Switzerland and Pio Wennubst, the Vice Director General at Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) | Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). During the second part of the event, we switched to multiple conversations and we had fun exchanging storied and experiences among participants. We learned about the concept of "ikigai", a Japanese term that roughly translates to "reason for being".



Global Macro: From Unlimited Development to the New Limited Development

Future of Work Event with Enrico Sassoon, Director of the Harvard Business Review Italia, March 28, 2019


A forward-looking event with Enrico Sassoon, Direttore di Harvard Business Review (HBR) inspired by his recent publication in HBR entitled "Macrotrends 2018-2019 project". The discussion focused on the future of work scenarios and trends in the medium and long term to provide those who work in positions of responsibility with analysis and decision-making tools that are as broad and complete as possible.


Following this, three representatives of the Global Shapers network - an initiative of the World Economic Forum - 'lighted up' the debate with questions open to all participants, inviting them to share their experiences and opinions on the topic. There were not many opportunities to sit, rather many opportunities to get to know each other, discuss and deepen themes ranging from new technological trends to changes in international geopolitical balances.

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