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Is it possible to begin to imagine the good while the wounds are still open? How and why will the world be different and perhaps better after Covid-19?

These are the questions that Carlo Giardinetti, Director of the Taylor Institute and Sara Roversi, Founder of the Future Food Institute asked at the beginning of March while creating "Good After Covid19", a path of listening and study that is involving activists, scholars, educators, theologians, economists, diplomats, philosophers, farmers, entrepreneurs, young people, innovators and scientists who emphasize how urgent it is to rethink and rebuild a new model of production, consumption, development, starting from the bottom, from the essential values of humanity.


The new world, that of Post-Covid19, calls for listening and compassion, reciprocity, and collaboration. We speak of coopetition, of new collaborative leadership that transcends selfish conceptions and personal interests, of a new economy, which becomes that of giving and not hoarding, weaving the ranks of new collaborations, such as those between science and spirituality. The individual returns to regain a central value, to be made responsible but also to be protected and respected, within a holistic and inclusive vision in which everything is closely interconnected.


Behind an increasingly pressing need for social, environmental, and food justice, forms of racism are increasingly clearly condemned. The impoverishment of the ecosystem is increasingly opposed by a need for unity and community. The value of the ancestral "Golden Rule", of reciprocity, do to others what you would like to be done to you, is rediscovered and revalorized. It is a compass not only to better manage possible conflicts but also to prevent them upstream, from "conflict" to "nonflict", to use Stephen Hecht's words.


Learn more about the #goodaftercovid19 initiative here:

A new article has been published this time in the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) about the online fishbowl methodology that was introduced by Carlo Giardinetti, Director of the Taylor Institute introduced for both #goodaftercovid19 and the Economy of Francesco.

#goodaftercovid19 landed also on Harvard Business Review Italy with an article co-authored by Carlo Giardinetti, Director of the Taylor Institute and Sara Roversi the founder of the Future Food Institute

To view the article click on the pdf icon

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