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Harvard Division of Continuing Education

Carlo Giardinetti, the Co-Director of the Taylor Institute teaches at the prestigious Harvard Division of Continuing Education a course on “Collaborative Leadership: Building the Organization of the Future”.


The course explores new forms of organizing for business. As the business landscape becomes increasingly dynamic and new players enter the market, successful companies are tasked with building their capacity for agility, adaptability, and speed in order to maintain competitive advantage. Business leaders globally are responding by transitioning from a hierarchical organizational structure to more flexible, team-centric models that foster collaboration, information sharing, and empowerment.


We call this the responsive organization. With this shift, companies have realized improved productivity, better employee engagement, and increased revenues. In addition, given the increase in remote work, the need to understand how to enable empowerment, decentralized control, and greater collaboration become even more important.


Link to the course:

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