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IPSNC partnership

The Taylor Institute is proud to partner with the IPSNC research center in S.Korea. IPSNC conducts objective and independent researches in a variety of areas including analysis of national and regional competitiveness of countries across the world, the study of corporate organizations and roles appropriate for the evolving society, assisting to define an ideal industrial policy and corporate strategy.


In particular, its research teams conduct independent research activities by tapping into its research networks equipped with more than 2,500 experts in economy and management from both within and out of the country, as well as by operating 34 research centers including the Center for National Competitiveness Studies, Center for Brand Value Research, and Center for Industrial Design and Center for Management Innovation.


  • Study of national competitiveness of countries from around the globe

  • Study of competitiveness of regions and cities

  • Study of brand equity evaluation and development strategy

  • Study of ethics management, CSR, and sustainability management

  • Study of industries including semiconductor, IT and socio-cultural industries

  • Study of Crypto Business(Block chain) & Big Data

  • Study of Total Strategy Management (TSM)

  • Other competitiveness-related research and consulting


More information about the IPSNC center here:

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