Master Student's Profile

Master in International Management with an emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Action

Marlene Huther

Hi! My name is Marlene Hüther, 23 years old and I come from Germany.

I am currently studying International Management with a focus on Climate action and responsible management at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano. I chose Franklin for several reasons. 

Carina Souza

I am Carina Souza, I was born in the northeast coast of Brazil but I lived most of my life in São Paulo. 

In college I chose to study environmental engineering in São Paulo State University. During most of my studies I was also involved in research projects mainly studying the wind energy potential in the northeast of Brazil. 

Kristen Abberley

I am currently earning a Masters of Science in International Management with a focus on climate action from Franklin University of Switzerland (FUS). 

In the years that have led me to this opportunity with FUS, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the College of Charleston where I built a foundational interest in the environment. 

Carmen Brodnax

My name is Carmen Brodnax. I am 29 with 9 years of experience in Information Technology. I previously worked for Aldi, a German grocery store, as an IT specialist, and Raptor Maps, a solar software company, as a project Manager.

Henri Souville

Here, people usually describe their passions, and I am very happy to say that, in a way, I don’t have any. 

I was thrilled with the job I had and am confident about those in my future. Studying and working in the field of sustainability and energy transition is a daily challenge, and it drives me every morning!

Rachel Dottino

I'm Rachel Dottino, a graduate student in the MSIM program with an emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Action. 

I received my undergraduate degree in International Studies at University of Florida and joined the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. During this time, I volunteered at animal shelters, helped develop an immigration history project with the university, and assisted other students at the English Language Institute.