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Marlene Huther

Marlene Huther


Marlene Huther


Master in International Management with an emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Action

Hi! My name is Marlene Hüther, 23 years old and I come from Germany.

I am currently studying International Management with a focus on Climate action and responsible management at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano. I chose Franklin for several reasons. On one hand, I am convinced by the philosophy of the Franklin Family, which allows you to make interesting contacts and be in regular contact with the professors. In addition, Franklin and the professors are a trustworthy partner when it comes to ideas and visions of us students. Another reason why I chose Franklin was the International Management program specializing in Climate Action and Responsible Management in cooperation with the UN. The opportunities you get in this program are not comparable.

During my master's degree, I will focus on an environmental issue, namely the reduction of the CO2 ratio of private households. Together with larger companies and Franklin, I plan to implement this project within the next year and pursue it later on.

After completing my master's degree, I would like to be able to continue to devote myself to an environmental topic. A combination of interesting environmental projects and areas in which I have dealt with in my past would be perfect.

In my bachelor's degree, I studied business administration and worked for four years in an e-commerce company. I was employed as a HR reference and financial assistant. During this time, I noticed that HR and working with people are particularly close to my heart.

In my private life, the main thing that sets me up is that I have been swimming since I was six years old and have been doing this professionally for 15 years now. In my swimming career I have already celebrated some successes. In total, I have won over 25 German champion titles and participated in four World Championships and three European Championships. My biggest sporting goal, to participate in the Olympic Games, will hopefully be fulfilled in Paris in 2024.

Besides swimming I enjoy working and being in Teams when there is an opportunity because I noticed, that this gives me a lot of energy.  Also I love to paint and draw to come down whenever I got some freetime.

For further information on this Master course:

Master in International Management with an emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Action

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