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Economy of Francesco global event

Economy of Francesco global event

Economy of Francesco global event

This week on November 19-21 there will be held a live stream on the Economy of Francesco global event. There will be over 2000 young economists involved in designing a new economy more inclusive and just.

You can find all the details here:

The event will be followed by thousands of people from all over the world and Pope Francesco will close the event with a video message on November 21 at 5.30pm CET.

Dean Carlo Giardinetti, of Outreach and Executive Education, Franklin University Switzerland and Co-Director of the Taylor Institute Switzerland has worked in support of this event for the past year and will personally be responsible for and moderating 3 sessions:

November 19 at 5.50-6.10pm – “Let’s Talk”

November 20 at 6pm – “Around the Clock, Around the World” (the EoF Marathon)

November 21 at 3-3.50pm – “We are all Developing countries”

The whole event will be livestreamed on the Economy of Francesco YouTube channel here: 

Live Stream:

The Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will be lit with the Economy of Francesco message on November 21st from 7pm (Brazil time)

Event program:

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