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Speakers Corner - Amafruit: the one marketplace for fruits and vegetables

Speakers Corner - Amafruit: the one marketplace for fruits and vegetables


Students :   Giovanni Desiderio, Donna Mashat, Sakhi Sobti, Mikhail Martynov  

Date :  10/11/2021

Project: Amafruit: The one marketplace  for fruits and vegetables

Descrizione del progetto

Hello everyone! Are you  familiar with the food and vegetable market supply chain? It begins with  production, then to the wholesale, then to the retailers and then,  finally to you, the consumers.

Today we want to focus on Business to Business solutions and as you can guess, the wholesale market is a great place for it.

Now, let’s talk about two things: first, what does already exist.

Second, what does not already exist.

So first: retailers, that you all know, such as groceries stores,  hotels, restaurants, cafes and big supermarkets – they all need to  refill their food and vegetables somewhere, right?
Well, most of the time, since they need a high variety of products, they  buy from the wholesale markets, so the wholesale markets already exist.

Now, when those retailers do not have the opportunity to go to those  wholesale markets, what do they do? They buy from other distributors,  whose job is to go to the wholesale market, refill products and  distribute them to such retailers.

So, connections between retailers and wholesale markets already  exist. And we have been taught when things already exist, it means that  there is a market to enter into.

But smart people do it with innovation.

Now, second, what does not already exist and we want to create, it’s  an online platform like a website or a mobile app where different  sellers place in the wholesale market can sell their products to the  clients, and do it digitally.

We are talking of a digital wholesale marketplace.

This market that we are creating is called Amafruit: we are here to ask for your help and support to develop our startup.

Thank you for your attention, you can reach to us on our Instagram handle: Amafruit, the best marketplace

Click here to view the video presentation on YouTube 

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