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Alumni Spotlight
Daniela Baiardi '20

Alumni Spotlight
Daniela Baiardi '20

Franklin has a long history of empowering and highly skilled alumni,  who constitute a vast and growing network of more than seven thousand  entrepreneurs, innovation enthusiasts, researchers, policymakers, and,  above all, leaders sharing a common vision of shaping the future. As  individuals, their contributions are extraordinary. 

As a community,  their impact is substantial. Our alumni took their first steps here on  Franklin’s campus in Lugano, flourishing and thriving over the years,  and becoming responsible and successful citizens of the globe today.  They live across the world, in different time zones and different  continents, and yet keep Franklin close to their hearts, proudly  representing the Franklin Family.

We caught up with some of them and asked about their accomplishments and achievements after Franklin.

Today, let's read a short update from Daniela, class of ’20.

  • Full name: Daniela Baiardi

  • Where you are from: Switzerland / Colombia

  • What you majored in at Franklin: Double Major in Art History & Visual Culture and Visual Communications (emphasis in Studio Art), minor in Media Production

  • Year of graduation at Franklin: 2020

  • Your current job position and at what institution: MA in History and Theory of Art and Architecture at the Architecture  Academy of Mendrisio, Switzerland. For now I shelf away books in the  Library of the Academy. I do some freelance work with musicians. Last  but not least, I participate in local second-hand markets, I specialised  in Polaroids.

“I still think of Franklin when I sometimes pass by while driving in  Sorengo. And a lot of memories come back. I think about my long hours in  the studio doing my drawing, painting, or sculpture assignments. Also,  all the various courses I took from Art History, Literature, Economics  and Political Science. The unforgettable Academic Travels (AT) will always be with me. I originally chose this university because  the scholarship offered to the Swiss students helped me decide, plus  the international outlook. Studying in American institutions while  staying in Switzerland, the best of both worlds.

When I think of my favorite memories at Franklin, many things come to  mind! For instance, the community building from Student Government  Association (SGA) to the Honors Society. SGA helped me understand that I  like bringing people together, I did that through an event called “Meet  the Neighbours” involving the community in Sorengo meeting with FUS  students. While the Honors Society taught me team coordination and new  ways of thinking. Countless great memories also come from AT, like the  one I participated in in the Fall ’17 semester entitled "Arts and  cultural heritage of Taiwan” led by Professor Gabriel Gee to Taiwan. Overall the course was very interesting, but the best part  was actually being in Taiwan to experience their art firsthand. I  remember spending the whole afternoon at the Art Fair in Taipei. I  checked out every single booth. It was a feast for my eyes of  contemporary art.

After graduating from Franklin, I decided to continue my studies at  Univeristà della Svizzera Italiana (USI) and am currently enrolled in a  MA in History and Theory of Art and Architecture. What pushed me to  continue studying was my interest for art history and the honors  tutorials, I wanted to know more. As a matter of fact, I can’t help  stressing how in so many ways, my persona became more confident  and more outgoing thanks to Franklin’s environment. I was able to  flourish as a person and become who I am today. As a professional  individual, the group works, presentations and community activities are  what helped me to become collaborative, flexible and curious. The  multidisciplinary of Franklin encouraged me to always be curious about  other fields.

Lastly, from making friends, to the academic courses, AT, the  professors and the staff, for me, the Franklin experience will always be  unique and unreplicable anywhere else.”

Read a recent short interview in Italian with Daniela by La Regione here.

Alumni Spotlight:
Daniela Baiardi '20
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