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Alumni Spotlight
Liliia Grigoreva '21

Alumni Spotlight
Liliia Grigoreva '21

Franklin has a long history of  empowering and highly skilled alumni, who constitute a vast and growing  network of more than seven thousand entrepreneurs, innovation  enthusiasts, researchers, policymakers, and, above all, leaders sharing a  common vision of shaping the future. 

As individuals, their  contributions are extraordinary. As a community, their impact is  substantial. Our alumni took their first steps here on Franklin’s campus  in Lugano, flourishing and thriving over the years, and becoming  responsible and successful citizens of the globe today. They live across  the world, in different time zones and different continents, and yet  keep Franklin close to their hearts, proudly representing the Franklin  Family.

We caught up with some of them and asked about their accomplishments and achievements after Franklin.

Today, let's read a short update from Liliia, class of ’21.

  • Full name: Liliia Grigoreva

  • Where you are from: Rostov, Russia

  • What you majored in at Franklin: International Banking and Finance

  • Year of graduation at Franklin: 2021

  • Your current job position and at what institution: Local Committee President at AIESEC in Lugano

"I found out about Franklin during a college fair at my high school, my attention was immediately drawn to Academic Travel (AT) and the location of the campus. Shortly after, I visited Franklin  to make sure I was making the right decision, and I was!

My experience at Franklin was absolutely spectacular. All the  different classes challenged my academic abilities, stimulated life-long  learning, and guided me toward the enhancement of my critical thinking  skills. Not only that, but the academic travel experience helped me  engage in cross-cultural communication and expanded my horizons in terms  of education, future career decisions, and personal development. 

My  Academic Travel experience to Morocco is still one of the best ones I  have ever had. Being exposed to a plethora of diverse perspectives and  backgrounds helped me find people with common interests and I am  grateful to call these people my friends. I am still a fan of all the  extracurricular activities that take place on the Franklin campus. They  provide a fertile ground for the cultivation of leadership skills,  teamwork, and the ability to work towards a common goal. I graduated  from Franklin with all the tools necessary to navigate post-college  experience.

Two years later, I am still a frequent visitor on campus. I am  completing my Master's in Finance degree at a public university in  Lugano, while simultaneously working at AIESEC towards connecting Franklin students with various internship and  volunteering opportunities that can help them explore and strengthen  their professional potential.

AIESEC is the biggest youth run not for profit organization, aimed at  providing students with leadership development, enhancement of  cross-cultural understanding and empowerment of young people towards  making a social impact. AIESEC in Switzerland has local committees in a  big number of cities, such as Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Fribourg, Lugano  etc. AIESEC in Lugano was only working with USI, but we are now trying  to provide Franklin students with opportunities too, since the pool of  talent at FUS is incredible. We offer experiences in the departments of  Finance and Legalities; Business Development, Marketing and  Communications, Talent Management and Outgoing Exchanges. 

Being a  member of AIESEC will provide individuals with all the skills necessary  to give them a head start in professional careers."

Alumni Spotlight: 
Liliia Grigoreva '21
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