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Com and Media Lecture series

Com and Media Lecture series

Who said that technology does not go together with liberal arts? The  web, and social media, which are its offsprings, can be seen as tools  that greatly enhance freedom of expression and creativity, acting as a  new papyrus for spreading and preserving knowledge.

The Division of Communication, History, and Politics wants to do just  that, with the Com and Media Lecture series, whose first event will  take place on Thursday, February 16th, at 17:00, in the LAC Conference  room. The speaker will be Rupert Breheny, Emerging Technology Advisory  of Google Zurich (the Silicon Valley firm has one of its biggest labs in  the City), who will talk about The Long Road to the Metaverse.  This is an important theme, not without controversy, because the  high-tech community seems to be split around its uses. One more reason  for us to debate around it and bring our intercultural points of view.

Rupert Breheny has made a career out of identifying emerging  technologies, exploring them, and articulating his learnings from stages  worldwide and in the boardrooms of technology startups in the fashion  and architecture space. As an early practitioner of web design, mobile  web, virtual reality, metaverse, and generative AI, he has maintained  this practice throughout a 15-year Google career with stints working  with Street View, Google Earth VR, and Vogue magazine. 

When not reading  and thinking about the impact of technology he likes to travel, take  photographs, and play video games.

Please show up so you can develop a learned opinion and contribute to the debate

Com and Media Lecture series: 
Rupert Breheny of Google on 
the Metaverse
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