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COVID Update: what you need to know for Fall 2020

COVID Update: what you need to know for Fall 2020

Following a cantonal press release yesterday, we have learned that  schools and universities may open as scheduled at the end of August for  in-person classes. This is wonderful news, and we are taking great care  to make sure that Franklin is ready for the arrival of our fall students.

The new measures outlined below are necessary to help keep our  community safe. A successful reopening this fall depends on your  understanding of these guidelines and on your willingness to follow  them. Please read all email communications from us so you don’t miss any  important info in the coming days.

You can visit FUS web page for all the latest Coronvirus information, updated regularly.

The SwissCovid app is mandatory for all Franklin students, professors, and staff. 

Get it from iTunes or Google Play

More information about the app is available at the Federal Office of Public Health.

Arriving in Switzerland

You must use masks on all public transportation - failure to comply could result in a fine  or being removed from the bus, boat, train, or funicular. It’s  recommended to use masks in all indoor spaces or, if you are outside,  use masks in crowded areas where 1.5 meter distance cannot be  maintained.

If you are arriving from a high-risk country, you will be required to self-quarantine for ten days. 

The Swiss federal  government has confirmed that airlines are submitting passenger lists  to local authorities. The authorities will be doing random checks of  travelers from high-risk countries who should be in quarantine. 

We know  that you will observe the rules faithfully but be aware that the fines  for quarantine violation can be as high as 10,000 CHF.

Don't forget about your arrival form.

If you have not yet completed it or, if you live in a country where the  airports are not yet open, you may need to update your information. We  are happy to work with you to find a solution so that you can begin your  course work remotely.


If you are starting the semester in quarantine, you will need to  remain in your room for ten days. You can, however, spend time outside on your balconies.

Make sure you will eat well! Fill out the dining service form to choose your quarantine plan. You can also check out the Franklin app  - it has all the links for great places to order food and will be  updated regularly. If you haven’t done so already, download from iTunes or  Google Play.

Social Distancing and Masks

Per cantonal guidelines, we will require a minimum of 1.5 meters  social distancing between students in each classroom. Some of your  larger classes have been divided in half to make two classrooms. For  classes where 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, and during regular group  work, masks will be required. Students, professors, and staff will be  required to wear masks in all common spaces, including the dining hall,  residence hall common rooms (all common kitchens, laundry rooms,  hallways, and lounges), and academic buildings.

This is the time to adopt appropriate behaviors to avoid future  lockdowns. Everyone’s contribution is appreciated and helps to keep  Franklin and the Taylor Institute a safe and secure community. For more information on the measures FUS ad the Taylor Institute is implementing, 

Please visit the FUS Covid-19 Resources for Students.

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COVID Update: what you need to know for Fall 2020
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