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Doughnut Economics & Rethinking Economy

Doughnut Economics & Rethinking Economy

Thursday, April 15th at 5:30pm in partnership with oikos and Sustainability Week Lugano

This event will focus on how we measure the success of modern economies.  Leonardo Conte will present the doughnut model of economics, which  seeks to incorporate planetary boundaries with societal necessities.

In a  system which was not designed  to value planetary limits, Fabian Schmid will question if we need such a  system at all. By addressing our reaction to uncertainty and fear, he  hopes to shed light on how we can motivate society to participate in  positive change. After the discussion, there  will be an opportunity to ask the speakers a few questions

Want  to participate or know more? 

Reach out to our friendly leadership team  and we can discuss how you can be a part of oikos Lugano!


Footnote on OIKOS Lugano

Founded  in March of 2021, oikos Lugano is an up and coming chapter in  Switzerland’s Italian speaking region of Ticino. They began as a student  club at Franklin  University Switzerland, but hope to engage more with the other universities here in the Lugano area. 

They are currently a small and  ambitious team collaborating with Sustainability Week Lugano and are developing annual events to ensure they are collaborative  and impactful in the Lugano region.

The  chapter is located at Franklin University Switzerland, but our  activities are not limited to FUS students and are open to any other students at higher education institutions, such as Scuola universitaria professionale  della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and Università della Svizzera italiana  (USI).

Doughnut Economics & Rethinking Economy
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