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Franklin X Jakala: A Digital Future

Franklin X Jakala: A Digital Future

From TikTok to Internships: Franklin expands the classroom as they deep dive into digital marketing

Whether in the boardroom or the lecture hall, the comment, "I saw it  on TikTok" happens a lot. BUS383: Digital Marketing, taught by Professor Miniero, Associate Professor and Chair of the Academic Division of Business and Economics,  guides the class into the idea of gaining skills in digital marketing  and social media, in order to better compete in the modern business  world. Franklin University Switzerland has teamed up with Jakala, a digital transformation company, to work on an ongoing client case with Digital Marketing students. Jakala's managers Alessandra Paolini, Head of Social Media & Digital PR, and Amedeo Guffanti,  Managing Director, will teach the development of relationships with  clients, the delivery of customer experience, the implementation of a communication campaign, and the evaluation of channel performances. 

As  Alessandra Paolini explains, "Social media is the evolution of  pre-digital communication, from a 1-to-many communication to a  collaborative and community-based one." This point of view gives  invaluable context for the social media industry. This multiplicity is  the new normal, and all businesses must adapt if they want to maintain broad channels of communication with their customers and earn their  loyalty. Paolini elaborates, "We are passionate about helping talents  grow in the digital market and we believe that engaging with younger  generations can enrich the company's work with new ideas and  perspectives. " When asked about her hopes for the Jakala X Franklin collaboration she added, "We are excited about the opportunities for  international and interdisciplinary work at Franklin". Students in this  course have a fantastic chance to earn a summer internship with Jakala.  

Only a handful of talented students will be given the opportunity to  join the digital transformation team at one of Jakala's many international offices, and Franklin students are well positioned for  this occasion and more future collaborations.

Written by Samantha Elam and George Whittaker Curry

Franklin X Jakala: 
A Digital Future
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