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FUS Rises in the WURI Rankings 2023

FUS Rises in the WURI Rankings 2023

Thursday, May 18, 2023, marked the fourth year of the World's Universities with Real Impact (WURI) Ranking, announced at the third Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) Conference held at Florida Gulf Coast University in the United States.  Within this innovative ranking system, Franklin University Switzerland  placed 26th in the top 100 most innovative universities compared to last  year’s rank of 33rd. Franklin is also ranked as one of the Top 4 universities supporting ethical values and crisis management.

This year's rankings included such elite universities as Stanford,  Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Oxford.  Franklin University Switzerland distinguished itself for its marked internationality and its  innovative approach to hands-on education. The institution also fared  well in several specialty rankings this year, including #3 in the top 50  for Ethical Value, #4 in the top 50 for Crisis Management, and #15 in  the top 50 for Industrial Application.

The WURI ranking for innovative universities is unique in that it is  designed to highlight universities' efforts in engaging with and  improving the future, the environment, and society through fresh  contributions and creative approaches. It acknowledges the challenges of  creating new roles and responsibilities in leading and implementing  change and impact toward economic prosperity and social harmony. The  ranking also wants to promote cross-cultural learning and innovation  among all universities.

During this year's conference, Franklin University Switzerland was named host of the 2024 Conference, and President Samuel Martín-Barbero was appointed as the third HLU President. The host university  alternates each year across Asia, America, and Europe. It will be  exciting to see how Franklin continues to implement and showcase its institutional innovation as the host of the next HLU conference in 2024.  Way to go, FUS!

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FUS Rises in the WURI Rankings 2023
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