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Introducing the McNeely Center of Ideas & Imagination

Introducing the McNeely Center of Ideas & Imagination

On Friday, May 19, President Samuel Martín-Barbero and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Kim Hildebrant, were honored to celebrate the naming of the McNeely Center of Ideas & Imagination and the Giardino di Luce.

Named after Rosemary McNeely and Kevin W. McNeely ’73, Trustee, the  Center offers a space for students to engage and strengthen their  interdisciplinary and experiential education at Franklin. Providing a  highly visible face for the University, the facade represents the  exterior of a book, an ode to education and learning, and includes many  living and learning areas for the Franklin community. The ground floor’s  P. Gregory Warden Student Center, comprises a lounge area with  comfortable, modular furniture, allowing students to come together,  study, and relax.

The Giardino di Luce, or Garden of Light, created and  donated by Nora McNeely Hurley ’81,  is a special wellness garden filled  with more than 24 types of lush local flora in the naturally terraced  slope. The garden encompasses a space between all three residences and  serves as a holistic learning environment. It is the perfect spot for  students to gather in good weather, reflect and find peace.

The Naming Ceremony further acknowledged Angela W. Fowler ’75 for her  support in creating the Angela Fowler Atrium, and Trustee and  co-Founder Pascal F. Tone, for his continued support of student  wellbeing initiatives, through the funding of a second Tone Athletic  Center.

We are truly proud of our supporters for fostering exceptional growth  in our academic and creative pursuits. This new forward-thinking Center  is a remarkable and inspirational location for its promotion of  community and interdisciplinary learning.

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Introducing the McNeely Center of Ideas & Imagination
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