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Lugano's Plan B Spring School

Lugano's Plan B Spring School

B4B – Plan B for Business


The "B4B - Blockchain for Business" training program activity represents the first synergistic initiative between the City of Lugano and local universities.

This initiative was built upon the previous Lugano Plan B Summer School in 2022, when the FUS Taylor Institute welcomed 86 students from 29 different countries to discover the world of cryptocurrencies and  blockchain over a period of two exciting weeks.

By virtue of the framework agreement signed by USI, SUPSI and Franklin University Switzerland with the aim of consolidating the collaboration within the "Lugano Plan B" project, the B4B Spring School 2023 will be a unique experience, beginning with the public. 

The initiative is geared towards administrators, directors, and collaborators of companies operating primarily in the service sector of Ticino, especially those with an interest in developing a deeper knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain to support their business. 

This program is especially recommended for professionals in the following industries:

  • Banking (asset & wealth management, private banking, etc.)

  • Trading in commodities, commodities, transport, consultancy firms  (accounting, tax, auditing, M&A, taxation, legal, etc.)

  • Real estate services (real estate brokerage, etc.).

The program consists of 4 half-day lessons, case studies, and practical applications which will take place at different universities and end at the Palazzo Civico in Piazza Riforma in Lugano.

Franklin’s hosting session will take place on May 12th on the Kaletsch campus.

The last session on May 26 in Palazzo Civico will be  a great opportunity for FUS  Faculty to bring forth a liberal arts perspective in the ongoing discussions that surround this exciting yet polarizing technology. This program allows for constructive criticism, innovation, and questions from those who are seeking to apply and develop their knowledge of blockchain technology- especially concerns or ideas related to environmentalism and social justice. 

Through the lens of a liberal arts perspective, our FUS faculty will have the opportunity to present their valued perspectives to add to the conversations happening at our Plan B Spring School.

This is a momentous trend that is paving its way across many industries.

Lugano's Plan B Spring School
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