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Lugano Città Universitaria: A Vision for the Future

Lugano Città Universitaria: A Vision for the Future

On March 7, 2024, Franklin University Switzerland participated in a press conference at the Lugano City Hall. The City of  Lugano, represented by the Mayor Michele Foletti and the Lugano Living Lab, unveiled the progress made on the "Lugano Città Universitaria" initiative. 

This project is a collaboration between Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI),  and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS). Its aim is to elevate Lugano  as a top-tier destination for higher education, as part of the  2018-2028 strategic plan. The project brings together the strengths of  these institutions to foster a dynamic academic community and establish Lugano as a leader in educational, cultural, and research excellence.

Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, expressed his pride in the collaborative achievements with USI, SUPSI, and FUS to enrich the community, emphasizing the  city's dedication to supporting local universities as a catalyst for  innovation and the development of future generations.

The press conference focused on five core areas: Promotion, Participation, Spaces, Conferences, and Collaboration.  FUS President Samuel Martín-Barbero highlighted the university's  distinctive role, stating, "As the only institution accredited both in  Switzerland and the United States, we uniquely enrich our collaboration  with Lugano. This dual accreditation fosters a convergence of global  perspectives, thereby strengthening and amplifying the city's commitment  to art, culture, and innovation. Furthermore, this collaboration with  the city of Lugano serves as a bridge to link the three institutions,  creating a dynamic academic and cultural ecosystem." Franklin is the  oldest university in Ticino and has been bringing the world to Lugano  and Lugano to the world for more than half a century. 

Representing  Franklin University Switzerland were Kim Hildebrant, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Davide Gai, Director of Marketing and Strategy.

One of the significant features of the project is the launch of the portal, a strategic platform aimed at positioning Lugano as a prime university choice.  The universities' input in developing this portal ensures a  comprehensive guide for prospective and current students about life and  studies in Lugano, showcasing the city's blend of academic excellence and cultural depth. The "Speakers’ Corner"  initiative was also introduced as a platform that equips students with  essential skills for presenting their research and theses compellingly,  thereby preparing them to leave a lasting impact on their audience.

Luisa Lambertini, Rector of USI, and Franco Gervasoni, General Director of SUPSI, shared their insights into their institutions' contributions, including USI's first biomedical sciences course as part of the “Cultura e Salute” project with the IBSA Foundation, and SUPSI's applied research on public land micromobility. Lambertini  remarked on the significant accomplishments achieved through their  partnership with the city, aiming to transform campuses into vibrant community centers that promote innovation and technology transfer. Gervasoni highlighted  the importance of collaboration with Lugano for SUPSI on multiple  levels, anticipating future projects to enhance community well-being and connectivity. With projects such as the “LAC Dance Project”, in partnership with the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Franklin University Switzerland is committed to enriching Lugano's academic and cultural scene as well.

This joint effort by the City of Lugano, FUS, USI, and SUPSI marks an  unprecedented dedication to elevating Lugano as a renowned academic  hub. It pledges to enhance the local community through a blend of educational excellence, cultural vibrancy, and inclusive engagement

Franklin University Switzerland is honored to spearhead this transformative initiative, leveraging its international insights and  academic expertise to propel Lugano into prominence as a leading  University City.

Lugano Città Universitaria:
A Vision for the Future
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