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Shaping Leadership Through Art: Update on FUS Dialogue Series

Shaping Leadership Through Art: Update on FUS Dialogue Series

The "Creative Convergences" dialogue series, organized and moderated by the Division of Arts and Cultures at Franklin, provides a platform for individuals from diverse  backgrounds to come together, share their passions, and collaboratively  shape the future of leadership and interdisciplinary understanding.  These 40-minute dialogues delve into how the values inherent in liberal  arts can inform and enhance leadership

Following each session, participants engage in interactive feedback conversations, which diversify perspectives and actively involve each attendee in a collective journey of learning and discovery.

The third dialogue session was held on February 28, 2024, featuring Michel Gagnon, Director at the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, and Simona Zampa, artist and President of the Board of Trustees for FAI SWISS. The dialogue was moderated by Fabio Ferrari,  Chair of the Division of Arts and Cultures and Professor of Italian and  Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies.

The session illuminated  the transformative power of the arts and participants shared enthusiastic experiences with opera, music, and dance, made possible through Professor Hrisanta Trebici-Marin's  courses. Zampa and Gagnon explained their unique professional journeys,  offering insights into the diverse pathways that can lead to a  fulfilling career in the arts. Zampa especially urged the students to  experiment in their careers because “the path of life is never a straight line”.

Through its collaboration with the LAC,  Franklin University Switzerland has significantly improved cultural  accessibility for its students, reflecting the LAC's continuous efforts  to make culture and art more approachable. This partnership has been  instrumental in breaking down the barriers of elitism traditionally  associated with art and opera, promoting a culture where artistic  experiences are inclusive and engaging for audiences of all ages.

During this session, it was introduced the second edition of the Lugano Dance Project,  which underscores the vibrant connection between dance and  storytelling, proudly supported by the McNeely Family. On the next day,  students from the Sound of Movement (MUS 214) course, led by Professor  Trebici-Marin, were also allowed to attend the cultural performance "La  Sagra della Primavera" (The Rite of Spring) (1975), a key work by Pina Bausch, at the LAC. The highlight of the event is the collaboration between the Pina Bausch Foundation in Germany, the École des Sables in Senegal, and Sadler's Wells Theatre in the United Kingdom. This partnership brings together diverse dance forms and narratives, showcasing the power of dance to bridge cultural divides.

Looking ahead, "Creative Convergences" continues to inspire with more scheduled dialogues featuring Nausikaa Angelotti, linguist and translator, and the esteemed architect Mario Botta, alongside orchestra conductor Ion Marin.

These forthcoming sessions promise to further enrich the dialogue  series, underscoring Franklin University Switzerland's dedication to  fostering an environment where creativity, leadership, and  interdisciplinary collaboration converge.


Shaping Leadership Through Art:
Update on FUS Dialogue Series
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