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Speakers Corner - BigFoot: A motivating consumption auditing system

Speakers Corner - BigFoot: A motivating consumption auditing system

Students :   Marlene Hüther, Henri Souville, Carmen Brodnax   
Date :  10/11/2021

Project: Bigfoot: A motivating  consumption auditing system

Descrizione del progetto

Today, we are all aware  of climate change. It is affecting us in unprecedented ways as it will  influence the human health and well-being. Already, we experience some  extreme weather events such as wildfires and floods, but this is just  the beginning.

Even worse, the current sustainability market is trapped in a model  of increasing consumption: offering more, for buying more. The  narratives, as commendable as they can be, usually don’t match the  actions and the work is often far from the talk.

However, our solution aims to reduce consumption by making it  possible to measure one’s environmental footprint through an home and  office auditing system.

For a lot of people, individual actions aren’t easy to take on, but  some daily tasks are more measurable than others. It’s easier to see how  much food has been wasted, than how much electricity has been consumed.  And how about water, do you have any idea of how much you consume while  you shower?

What we are proposing is giving practical incentives for improving green related behaviors.

For example, if a private household manages to reduce by 10% it’s  electricity consumption, it can be rewarded with a 10% discount on  yearly railway ticket.

Our idea, that we call Big Foot, will have a digital platform with a  real time tracker so that you can see how much you are consuming and be  rewarded.

To start, we would like to measure: driving behaviors, the usage of water and the consumption of electricity.

The roots of climate change can no longer wait to be tackled, everyone of us needs to start acting now.

We are walking the talk. Will you walk with us?

Click here to view the video presentation on YouTube 

Speakers Corner - BigFoot: A motivating consumption auditing system
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