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Speakers Corner - VIVIDO: Grow food in cities and connect with nature

Speakers Corner - VIVIDO: Grow food in cities and connect with nature


Students :   Kristen Abberley, Amalia Awad, Ann Jackson Edwards, Melyis Cabrero   
Date :  10/11/2021

Project: Vivido : Grow food in cities  and connect with nature

Descrizione del progetto

In the year 2050, it is  estimated that nearly two thirds of the world’s population will be  living in an urban environment. Now, close your eyes and imagine  yourself 20 years from now, living in a rapidly growing city: a lot has  changed. There are more buildings, a lot more people and you really feel  disconnected from nature.

Now, let’s pause and imagine a different future.

A lot has still changed, there still are a lot more buildings and more  people, but the walls you pass on your walk home are covered in plants.  There are children from local schools and others in the community,  tending to and harvesting produce from these vertical gardens. As you  arrive back to your apartment, you have your own vertical garden in your  kitchen, you snip off some parsley and you begin to cook your dinner.

Vivido is a vertical gardening kit installed in any wall surface  indoor or outdoor, within the home or your community. Vivido will be  more accessible and affordable than current competition with added  services for installation, design and maintenance.

But I bet you’re all wondering what vertical gardening and  digitalization have to do with one another? Well, we created Vivido  using technology to provide access to gardening for those living in  cities.

Our gardening kits are designed using 3D printed technology and recycled materials.
They will be sold online via a website that includes features to help  guide the customer to the best type of gardening kit for their needs.

This includes geographic location, amount of sunlight and other design preferences for their vertical gardening kit.

The Vivido team envisions a future where cities are designed with  nature and their residents can grow healthy food even in the smallest of  spaces.

We would love to hear from you, any ideas or feedback you may have.  

Please email us at and follow us on instagram at  @growvivido.

Thank you!

Click here to view the video presentation on YouTube 

Speakers Corner - VIVIDO: Grow food in cities and connect with nature
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