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Summer Intern: Luciana Vázquez

Summer Intern: Luciana Vázquez

Luciana Vázquez (Class of 2021): Hybrid and Online Learning Environments Intern

She collects snow globes when she travels, volunteers in Franklin’s  community garden, and plays the harp. Originally from Paraguay, Luciana  has a fair amount of international experience. Before attending  Franklin, she lived in both Senegal and Mauritius where she learned  multiple languages and became interested in international development.  

In 2021, Luciana will graduate with a B.A. in International Economics & Social Justice and Sustainability.

This summer, Luciana is Franklin’s Hybrid and Online Learning  Environments Intern. In her position, she collaborates with professors  and the university’s Information Technology (IT) Department to  facilitate a smooth transition into a hybrid learning model.  

In this interview, we talk about Luciana’s time at Franklin, what she  wishes she knew before starting university, and her experience as an  intern.

What is the last book you read?

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

If you could meet anyone who is alive today, who would it be and why?

Oh, good question! Either the Obamas or  Muhammad Yunus. [Yunus] is a Bangladeshi development economist who  developed this microcredit program that provides farmers with capital to  start their own farms and be self-sufficient.

If you could go back in time to your first year at  Franklin, what advice would you give yourself? In other words, what  advice would you give incoming students?

You don’t need to do everything that  everyone else is doing in order to fit in or to be cool. You have to  know your limits and you don’t have to be a social butterfly all the  time.

Now, let’s get into it. Describe your internship experience thus far in 3 words.

Enriching, inspiring, and challenging.

In the Fall, Franklin will continue utilizing a hybrid  between online learning and traditional classroom learning. 

As the  Hybrid and Online Learning Environments Intern, what do your daily tasks  involve?

I am currently making manuals for  students and professors on the usage of our online platforms (ZOOM,  Moodle, & TEAMS) to publish on the Franklin website for IT Services.  This way, everyone will have access to useful information on how to use  these platforms and make the online and hybrid environment more  accessible. On top of that, I am working with and supporting faculty in  their transition to the hybrid teaching platform. I meet with them and  brainstorm ideas for better usage of these platforms. I am also  analyzing how best to meet faculty and students’ needs with the  transition and planning of what the hybrid environment will look like  for fall 2020.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic influence your decision to apply for this internship?

Yes! I was planning on going to the US for another internship, but it got canceled.

Why did you choose this internship and what is one of your desired outcomes?

I wanted to know the “behind-the-scenes”  work that professors and students are doing to adapt to the online  environment. I believe that this will be an amazing opportunity for  everyone in the future. Hybrid learning will not go away, so I wanted to  be a part of [this transition]. One of my desired outcomes is to  increase technical knowledge, and share that knowledge with faculty and  students, so it is a smooth transition for everyone.

Has this internship aided in your personal growth?

Yep! I have learned very useful project management skills.

Where do you envision yourself five years from now?

I hope to be developing a project in Paraguay for sustainable waste management.

If you could define your Franklin experience in 3 words, what would they be?

Enriching, inspiring, and challenging.

Summer Intern: Luciana Vázquez - Hybrid and Online Learning Environments Intern
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