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Swiss Jordanian Alumni Network Launched in Amman

Swiss Jordanian Alumni Network Launched in Amman

Amman, March 6, 2024 - The Residence of the Swiss Ambassador in Jordan witnessed the official launch of the Swiss Jordanian Alumni Network, bringing together esteemed Jordanian alumni including Franklin Alumni, partners, and friends. 

Ambassador H.E. Ms. Emilija Georgieva expressed joy in inaugurating the network, acknowledging the diversity within the Swiss-connected community.

Special appreciation was extended to Majeda Dakkak’15,  MENA Regional Lead at Franklin University Switzerland, for her vital  role in co-organizing the event and setting up the network as a whole.

The launch coincides with the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations between Jordan and Switzerland, emphasizing mutual respect and collaboration since 1949.

The Alumni Network aims to foster connections, exchanges, and  relations among peers who share a narrative of calling Switzerland a  home during their university years.

The Embassy unveiled plans for events, including Swiss National Day celebrations and language weeks, encouraging alumni participation.  Collaborative efforts with alumni were emphasized for additional  initiatives.

The launch also marked the announcement of the Swiss Jordanian Alumni Network LinkedIn page, providing a platform for continuous engagement.

In cultivating the vibrant spirit of the Alumni Network, all  participants were encouraged to actively contribute to strengthening the  shared values and deepening the bond between Switzerland and Jordan.  This inclusive invitation extends to the esteemed Franklin University  Switzerland alumni in Jordan, uniting everyone in a collective journey  of connection, collaboration, and shared experiences. 

Together, we look  forward to building lasting connections that transcend borders and  celebrate the unique tapestry of our diverse alumni community.

Swiss Jordanian Alumni
Network Launched in Amman
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