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Taylor Institute second Long-Life Learning Scholar Rafaella Bragato

Taylor Institute second Long-Life Learning Scholar Rafaella Bragato

Student Spotlight on Rafaella Bragato ’21

Franklin University Switzerland is a guiding stakeholder and host to the Taylor Institute, a partner institution serving as an anchor for Franklin’s graduate and executive management programs. The Taylor Institute strategy is built on three dynamics, Research, Programs and Strategic Partnership, expanding education, innovation and impact. Given her fulfilling experience at Franklin, Rafaella Bragato ’21, aspired to contribute to creating a legacy for future students and is today an ambassador and facilitator to the missions of growth, engagement, and outreach of The Taylor Institute.

Rafaella was born in Brazil, but can recollect different places she has called home in the years. She believes that the experience of living in other countries has made her very open and connected to other cultures and people. Rafaella attended high school in California and later enrolled in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue studies in Photography and Design. Unfortunately, life took a quick turn just after her first semester – Rafaella's mother was diagnosed with cancer and needed to be cared for, thus Rafaella suspended her academic studies to return home and dedicate herself to family. When her mother’s health was finally restored through treatment and recovery, Rafaella determined she needed a reset opportunity and traveled to Italy to learn about her origins and ended up spending three fantastic years in Florence, learning the language, traditions, and studying art and history. While living in Italy, the desire to resume her studies grew fonder so she began planning her next steps when, during the research, her mother came across Franklin University Switzerland. Rafaella promptly traveled to Lugano and described her impact with Switzerland's nature and beauty as “Falling in love with everything. It all looked like a painting.” Most importantly, Franklin would finally give her the exceptional higher education she had been longing for and, at the same time, the opportunity to gain dual Swiss and American accreditation.

After her first weeks at Franklin, Rafaella was already more than affirmed in her choice. She found Franklin to represent a very vast and international community, sized down into a university. Connecting with students, professors, and staff from all over the world turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences yet, and because everyone was alone and far away from home, on campus the bond only grew stronger, and Franklin soon became a second home to all. The experience was amazing, greatly expanding her mindset and true awareness of other cultures beyond her own, enabling her to learn a little bit more about herself too – how to trust in her choices and be willing to step out of her comfort zone to follow her instincts. Self-discovery and self-love taught Rafaella to become aspiring and determined.

Marketing was Rafaella’s real first love at Franklin – a revelation – she became fascinated with the topic, and the more she researched on it, the more she was sure she had found her true passion. She credits Professor Giulia Miniero with not only helping her discover her interest in marketing, but also in being an advisor and mentor, guiding her to find the right path in continuing her academic adventure after graduation. Rafaella hopes to one day build her career working in the marketing department of a consumer goods corporation, like those of enterprises similar to Nestle, Unilever or P&G.

Student Spotlight on 
Rafaella Bragato ’21
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