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Taylor Institute second Long-Life Learning Scholar Sana Tajangi 23

Taylor Institute second Long-Life Learning Scholar Sana Tajangi 23

Sana Tajangi ‘23 is a first-year student from Tehran, Iran. She learned  about Franklin from a friend, and although she initially had other  college plans, the more she discovered about Franklin the more she was  convinced it was the perfect place for her, both academically and  personally. Building close relationships with caring staff and  professors beyond the classroom has made Sana’s university's first  impact an incredible experience.

Young but determined, Sana is passionate about personal and professional  growth and understands the need to work tirelessly to be successful and  meet goals. Encouraged by her father, she began writing her short and  long-term goals in her diary from the time she was nine years old. With  empathy as one of her strengths, she engages intently with others and  enjoys learning from their experiences, while also striving to  continually learn about herself.

Whether a romantic narrative or a philosophical novel like Dostoevsky’s  Crime and Punishment, Sana is a true “bookworm”, a book enthusiast, and  learns from every story precious lessons on people and life. She states  that books can help you view things from a different perspective and  educate you on problem-solving and the world's secrets. She began  reading books almost exclusively in English as soon as she became fluent  in the language because she found that words were lost in translation  in  Persian. Writing is also one of her passions, and in her spare time,  she is writing a romantic novel to help teenagers address their  difficulties and struggles.

At Franklin, Sana studies International Management with an emphasis in Marketing, and hopes to become an entrepreneur with her own business in the food industry – you can learn more here.  One of her biggest aspirations is to see her name printed in the Forbes  magazine someday. Both online or in-store, Sana is working relentlessly  to introduce her Persian products, directly from Iran, to her  customers. President Warden has been a great encouragement to her on  business ideas and plans, and the chosen course of studies is teaching  her the art and psychology of selling goods. Sana loves all she is  learning and realizes that part of the knowledge you accumulate comes  from the experiences you have gathered and placed in your heart and  mind.

Academic travel has been one of her favorite experiences from her first  year. Sana explored and learned extensively about Swiss culture,  architecture, and history. She also discovered that traveling with a  group of people you do not know very well can be an amazing experience  and can greatly alter misplaced first impressions. You learn to see  things through others’ eyes and deepen your own interpersonal skills,  making global lifelong friends.

Sana shares that the Franklin community has greatly helped her build up  her confidence in her abilities. Being independent and away from home is  rough, but she found support and encouragement which has made her feel  like nestled into a second home.

Bright, confident and hard-working, Sana is additionally assisting the  Taylor Institute as a scholar and is excited to contribute to this  project, measuring her accomplishments at the end of the day. She  believes that this program will improve her ability to collaborate, work  in a team and start making the right connections to help her achieve  her goals.

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Sana Tajangi ‘23
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