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The Economy of Francesco INTERNATIONAL EVENT

The Economy of Francesco INTERNATIONAL EVENT

This Monday 28 September at 5.30 CEST Carlo Giardinetti is facilitating a webinar on:

How  Sustainable Migration  can  lead us towards a better Post-Covid world and the Opportunities and Challenges of Global Mobility.


  • Ben Sookia - Head of Global Immigration at Reiss Edwards.

  • Cleyton Soares Abreu - Coordinator of the reference center for Refugees from Caritas Archdiocesan of Sao Paolo.

  • Marco Mazzeschi - Immigration Attorney and founder of the firm Mazzeschi.

  • Mariana Vieira da Rocha - Founder of SPEAK London.

  • Roberta Ricucci - PProfessor and researcher of Sociology of cultural and communicative processes at the University of Turin.

  • Valentina Rotondi - Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Oxford.

Moderator: Carlo Giardinetti - Dean of Executive Education at Franklin University Switzerland and Leadership Senior Advisor at Deloitte Switzerland.

The webinar will be streamed on the official YouTube channel of the Economy of Francesco:

How Sustainable Migration can lead us towards a better post Covid World
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