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The Global Science Film Festival Comes to FUS

The Global Science Film Festival Comes to FUS

The theme of the fifth iteration of  the Global Science Film Festival is “Reconnecting Science and Society”  because as many of us emerge from our pandemic-induced slumber, it is  clearer than ever that we must work together across disciplines and  media to tackle today’s multi-faceted challenges to make our world more  sustainable.

The film festival received 3023 film submissions to this year’s  edition from 53 countries around the world. This made the selection  process both exciting and difficult; the resulting program of shorts,  feature films and invited panelists is extraordinary.  

Samer Angelone, the founding director of the festival, and adjunct professor at Franklin, has done an outstanding job with the program which will screen films in select cities around the world. Samer has also produced the trailer of the festival.

And since the festival is largely hosted by universities, each of the  Swiss festival venues is centered around the engagement of students. 

At Franklin meanwhile filmmaker Elettra Fiumi is at work with her students in an SJS class that helps them produce short films in the area of  sustainability while they participate in the ins and outs of organizing  the film festival at Franklin. 

Their shorts will be shown ahead of the  four feature films shown in Lugano: Happy Pills, The Seeds of Vandana Shiva, All That Breathes and Cinema Sabaya.

The entire Franklin community is invited to attend! Stay tuned for info on how to get your free ticket.

The Global Science Film Festival Comes to FUS
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