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Welcome to Campus, New and Returning Students!

Welcome to Campus, New and Returning Students!

The Franklin campuses teemed with excited students and parents this  week at the Fall 2023 Orientation. The anticipation was palpable as new  arrivals showed up in taxis and rolled their luggage through Sorengo on  their way to their residences and first meetings. The Office of Student  Life and student assistants did a stellar job of giving campus tours,  getting photos made for processing Swiss student permits, and helping  students get their keys.

On opening day, President Samuel Martín-Barbero and Dr. Deborah  Knaust, the Dean of Student Life and Engagement, formally welcomed all  students and their families to start their Franklin experience. Students  also met the orientation mentors, resident assistants, and academic  mentors who helped throughout the week. Lunch at the Grotto was provided  all week, introducing new arrivals to the excellent dining services on  campus. A walk to Lake Lugano ensued during the evening, where students  could enjoy a gelato to beat the heat and take in one of the most beautiful vistas in town.

Additional sessions on Wednesday included an introduction to life at Franklin, relevant policies, and the campus and local culture;  information about safety and security at Franklin, including  expectations regarding policies and rules, maintaining security online, and how to handle emergencies while at Franklin; and advice on how to  get necessities off campus in the local area.

The President's Reception was a memorable evening! President Samuel  Martín-Barbero sincerely welcomed new parents, families, and students.  As parents bid farewell, they were reassured, knowing their loved ones  are in good hands, building relationships with the individuals who will  shape their Franklin journey. 

Parents also enjoyed a Taste of  Switzerland, a buffet-style dinner offering samples of various dishes from the Ticino region. A group photo of incoming students was also  taken for the new Class of 2027!

The Franklin campuses teemed with excited students and parents this week at the Fall 2023 Orientation.
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