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WURI Ranking Interview with President Greg Warden

WURI Ranking Interview with President Greg Warden

World's Universities with Real Impact (WURI) was established in 2020. It is a new ranking system designed by the Organizing Committee of the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU). Unlike traditional university ranking systems, WURI evaluates the university’s real contributions to society, highlighting creative and innovative approaches of universities' research and educational programs based on the following six categories:

Industrial Applications, rather than the traditional ways of counting research papers and lecture-type teaching;

Value-Creating startups and entrepreneurship, rather than a traditional focus on the number of jobs filled– Entrepreneurial Spirit;

Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Integrity, rather than a focus on knowledge and skills just for material success– Ethical Value;

Student Mobility and Openness for exchange and collaboration between schools and across national borders, rather than an independent yet closed system;

Crisis Management in the midst of climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, and other global and local crisis;

Progress during the Fourth Industrial Revolution through digital technology, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, blockchain, and so on.

Franklin University Switzerland was invited to join the ranking two years ago and the Taylor Institute has prepared and submitted projects since then, on an annual basis. Each year, the new rankings are presented at the WURI Online Conference in June by the Organizing Committee.

Now, after 3 years, two recent MSIM Graduates (Master of Science and International Management) of Franklin University Switzerland, Ms Kristen Abberley and Ms Ann Jackson Edwards took it upon themselves and prepared for an online interview with Franklin President, Prof. Dr. Greg Warden on June 27, 2022, keen to find out why he thought Franklin should join the WURI Ranking and if he was pleased with this year’s rankings. Prof. Warden has been President of Franklin for over ten years.

The 10’ video of the interview provides a vivid testimony of Franklin’s character and identity. It can be found here: Video link

WURI Ranking Interview with President Greg Warden
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