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Erdogan's Turkey as a Revisionist Power


Morris Mottale


President Erdogan visited Athens on December 7 2017 where he shocked the Greek government by openly talking about the revision of the Treaty of Lausanne.  

This treaty had been signed in 1923 by Greece, Turkey, and the  victorious Allies where the boundaries between the former two were  finalized. 

Among other things, much of the Aegean sea and most of the  islands came to be assigned to Greece. 

The Dodecanese’s islands that had  been taken by Italy after 1911, came to be assigned again to Italy.  Over 100 years later, Erdogan’s statement about a revision of the treaty  was symptomatic of the Neo-Ottoman policy of the regime now in power in  Ankara. 

The ideology of the AKP had been shaped by Turkish neo- Islamism and the very successful attempt by Erdogan to emasculate the Turkish  military and the Turkish secular establishment by changing the  constitutional structure of the Turkish state into a presidential  republic and assigning overwhelming power to the presidency.



Turkish, State, World, Ottoman, Secular, Mediterranean, Traditional, Power, Islamic, Conflict

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